We met in 2013 in Belgium during a music festival and was immediately clear that we share our biggest passions: travel and music.

We wanted to share our love for travels, photography and music with the world so we’ve decided to open this space, we’re glad that you’ve dropped by.

We’re still travelling part time but we hop on a plane as soon as we can. Since we met we’ve explored 16 country together, swam in the ocean in the Canaries, watched the sunrise over the Himalayas in Nepal, ran in the sand dunes in Oman and lived in a van in Australia.

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From: Milan, Italy

Passion: Photography, Yoga and vegan food

Favourite city: Lisbon, Portugal

Favourite destination: Nepal

Favourite music: Radiohead, Sigur Ròs, AURORA

Favourite food: Indian food


From: Genoa, Italy

Passion: Music, writing and football

Favourite city: Stockholm, Sweden

Favourite destination: Australia

Favourite music: Slowdive, The Cure, The Smiths

Favourite food: Pizza