If you are planning your first trip to Jordan, there are some things you should know before you go. In this post, we will share the essential travel tips for Jordan and tell you everything you need to know before visiting.


#1 The best time to visit

Jordan gets cold in the winter, and unbearably hot in the summer. We’d say that he best time to visit is suring fall and spring.

We went beginning of November and the days were nice and sunny and weather was always pleasant.

Remember to check Ramadan dates. Traveling to Jordan during the holy month is certainly possible but keep in mind that it may affect your experience of the country.

#2 How Long do you Need in Jordan

This one is a tough one to answer. We stayed a week and we cover everything we wanted to see. We’d say that to really enjoy your time you should take 7 to 10 days to visit Jordan.

#3 Get the Jordan Pass

One of the most useful Jordan travel tips is to buy before you travel there.

This is a tourist pass that covers a bunch of must-see attractions (including Petra) and it also covers the cost of your visa.

The starting price for the Jordan Pass is JD70 (around 90 euro), which includes a one-day admission for Petra.  If you think that the visa costs JD40 and add that admission to Petra costs JD50 you can easily conclude that a Jordan Pass is the way to go!

For more information about the Jordan Pass, click here.

#4 How to move around

We rent a car cause we think that this is always the best option: total freedom!

Driving in Jordan is quite easy and the road are in good condition, do not worry. If you do not want to rent a car you can:

  • Use public transport: If you are visiting Jordan on a budget and time is not an issue, you can count on public transportation to reach the main tourist destinations
  • Hiring a car with a driver: For sure the most easy way to travel around the country but.. really expensive!

#5 Jordan is NOT JUST PETRA!

While Petra is the dream to almost every traveller there is so much more to this country!

Read our itinerary in Jordan, you’ll be amazed by Wadi Rum, Dead Sea and Dana. You’ll surely want to add more days to your trip!

#6 Do not exploit animals, please!

Stray cats and dogs are a common sight in Jordan and if you are an animal lover like us you’ll be heartbroken at seeing the conditions in which they live.

In Petra you will see lots of animals being pushed to their limits by their owners, and uninterested tourists happily riding donkeys, mules and horse.

The Jordan Tourism Board is making an effort to prevent the exploitation of animals but is not working, obviously.

So, please please please respect the animals.

#7 Eating in Jordan

One of the best things to do in Jordan is eating.

Tons and tons of hummus, falafel and delicious salads. You will definitely enjoy drinking local tea too.  Jordanian tea is typically an infusion of black tea with added herbs for a truly fragrant scented taste.

#8 Jordan is Safe!

You can calm down your parents, Jordan is safe! That’s true, its neighbours have a violent history and some have current security situations but Jordan is a small peaceful country.

#9 Forget your credit card

Jordan is very much a cash-based country. Most restaurants, shops and hotels will not accept credit cards and having cash to pay is essential.

There are plenty of ATMs and exchange shop so, no problem!

#10 Do not bring your drone

If you are planning on packing a drone, take it out now. There are strict permits that are required and generally, they need to be applied for in advance. If you are a hobbyist hoping for some cool footage you are likely to have it confiscated on arrival, don’t not risk!