Fuerteventura is one of the seven islands that make up the Canary Islands and is situated 100km off the north coast of Africa so.. Be ready for quite a long journey. Even if it belongs to Spain it takes from 3 to 5 hours flight from Europe, crazy isn’t it? We promise that the island is worth a long flight!

Fuerteventura offers a large variety of natural attractions and it is an all year destination due to the constantly high temperatures. It means that you can stay in Europe and go to the beach in December at the same time!

There is no better way to explore the island than by road tripping! We rented a car at the airport and we spent a whole week driving, hiking, swimming and sunbathing is this amazing and magical island.

We’re going to share some of our favourite things to do in Fuerteventura, write them down for your next trip. Have fun!


START – Puerto del Rosario | END – Puerto del Rosario

DURATION – 7 days

WHEN DID WE GO – September

HIGHLIGHTS – Climbing a volcano, walking on an endless beach in Cofete and waiting for high tide in Sotavento


Fuerteventura is quite a small island (you can drive from north to south in 1 hour and a half ).

We would say that the best way to explore the island by car, It’s so convenient to just be able to pick it up from the airport and have it for the duration of your trip for whenever you need it.

We suggest to sleep the whole week in the same place and then choose a different destination everyday. The three main turistic resorts are in Corralejo, Morro Jable and Caleta de Fuste but.. We don’t fancy touristic and crowded places so we decided to stay in Costa Calma, great idea!


The sand dunes in Corralejo are just impressive, it’s literally a piece of Sahara in Europe! The park is made by 8 km of soft golden sand dunes overlooking the ocean. If you have never been to any desert, climbing these large dunes is an essential thing to do in Fuerteventura, from the top of the dunes you’ll enjoy an extraordinary view on the coast.


It’s often considered that Playa de Cofete is one of the best beaches in all of the Canaries and we are not here to say otherwise. Actually, this was our favorite place in Fuerteventura (we came here twice in a week!). Twelve kilometers of wild, rough coastal landscape is the perfect place for us. This area is totally wild so you won’t find any hotel, apartments or restaurants here (actually there is only a little one). Though be warned, the roads aren’t the best to get here, from Morro Jable there is a 18 km off road drive but don’t give up because it’s totally worth it! If you’re lucky, you’ll manage to meet Cofete inhabitants: wonderful goats!


In the north of the island the silhouette of the volcano known as Calderón Hondo stands out on the horizon. Trekking up a volcano is a great experience for adventure seekers visiting Fuerteventura, the climbing is easy but do not forget to bring some water!


Sotavento is a beautiful virgin 9-km long beach in the southern part of Fuerteventura. It is known for the huge lagoon that forms with the tide variation. Check for tide times and go on the beach with low tide and.. just wait. When the tides comes in the magic will happen, the huge golden beach will be covered by water and a immense lagoon will appear.


This is the prettiest little town in Fuerteventura and a great spot to visit whilst exploring the western part of the island. Take a little stroll through the cobbled streets, see the main square and don’t forget to visit the Convento de San Buenaventura. The roads leading to Betancuria are stunning, head to the viewpoint, Mirador de Morro Velosa to see the island from above.


Have you ever dreamed to lay down on a black volcanic beach? Los Muertos beach is the place for you.. Go early in the morning or at sunset to have the beach only for you. In addition to the stunning black beach you can visit the popular caves and the charming seaside village.


This hike offers a rocky terrain, semi-desert hills and spectacular landscapes dotted with palm trees and cactus. Lots of people hike in this barranco searching for the breathtaking Arco de las penitas. Actually is not so easy to find the Arco but once you have it’s totally worth the effort.

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El Cotillo used to be a small fishing village and nowadays is a chilled place with plenty of restaurants and amazing beaches. La Concha is the most popular beach in this area, with his white sand and tourquoise water you could be in the Carribean. But.. Our favorite spot in El Cotillo are the Lagoons. These lagoons are El Cotillo’s gem for sure, imagine a lot of little private beaches among the lava rocks with fine white sands and transparent calm water, a paradise! This is the area most often used by naturists in El Cotillo.


This little town has all the charm of a small fishing village. A path along the shore run alongside the typical small white houses with blue stripes and a big volcanic sand beach makes Las PlayItas the perfect place to spend half a day.


Probably one the best viewpoint on the island! Let’s start by saying that driving inland in Fuerteventura is magical, the landscape is unique and you’ll feel like you are driving on Mars. On the road from La Pared towards Pajara on FV-605 stop on the Sicasumbre Viewpoint, you can see all across the island, especially on a clear day!


This place is perfect for relaxing! La Pared bay is unsuitable for bathing due to a dangerous current, for this reason is always quite emplty. If you like sunbathing and are happy with just a little jump in the water you will love this place. You won’t hear any noise apart from the wind and the crashing waves.


Pozo Negro has not yet been affected by tourism and is a true, untouched fishing village. It has only one cove with black sands and a small village with tiny white houses.

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