Fuerteventura is renowned for its white sandy beaches and its crystal clear waters, however it is also home to lots of wonderful natural locations. Barranco de las Peñitas is the perfect example.

The hike through this barranco will show you a rocky terrain, semi-desert hills and spectacular landscapes dotted with palm trees and cactus. The highlight of this hike is the Arco de las Peñitas for sure, it is in a well hidden spot so let’s find out how to reach it!


There are two different ways to reach the Arco de las Peñitas, one is shorter and one is longer. Of course we chose the longer one cause we wanted to better admire the landscape, so the pictures that you’ll see in our articles are taken on the longer path.

Option #1 (Longer path):

Drive to Vega de Río Palmas and leave the car near the village. You’ll find a little parking spot with “Barranco de las Peñitas” path sign. Follow the path and walk for about one hour thourgh the desertic landscape. You’ll pass the Dam, the Chapel, the Barranco and after that turn right and climb up to the arch.

Option #2: (Shorter path):

Taking the Route Fv-621 going to Ajuy, turn off to the right on Fv-627. You’ll arrive to “Camino Buen Paso” which ends on parking slot. From here follow the path and keep right to arrive at the barranco.


Finding the Arco is not so easy, there are no signs that lead you to the arch so you have to follow our tips and go for it!

As we said before we took the longer path, so right after the church we turned right and walk a little bit more. The Arco is right in front of you but you cannot see it. You’ll only see a big rock formation further up, the Arco is hidden in there. Start climbing the rocks and be careful, walking through this rocks can be tricky.

Despite this tips is difficult to find it anyway, it is really well hidden! We got lost a couple of times and our suggestion is to follow the direction of Google maps “Arco de las Peñitas”. It shows the exact location of the arch.. so don’t give up!


No need to describe how beautiful this arch is.. pictures speak for themselves. Maybe.. after the struggle to reach it you’ll appreciate it even more!

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