Wanna visit an unusual place in Fuerteventura? Wanna hear nothing but the sound of crashing waves on a black pebble beach?

In other words, do you want to move away from tourists and have a relaxing day on a little known seaside?

With his little cluster of white houses, his lava beach and some brigthly painted fishing boats Pozo Negro is the place for you!

While driving on FV-2 take a detour toward the coast. You’ll drive among palm plantation, little towns, green meadows and goat flocks… At the end of FV-420 you’ll find the deserted Pozo Negro.

This is a place of outstanding natural beauty, the village is located at the end of Malpais Grande National Park in a tiny bay.

Pozo Negro is a true, untouched fishing village so you won’t find many amenities here. Take a stroll among the fisherman’s white and blue houses, overlooking the ocean and feel the authenticity of this little village.

Pozo Negro’s bay is surrounded by numerous hills and the landscape is really beautiful.

The best part is, of course, the Pozo Negro Playa. One of the last lava flows created this black beach, which stands in sharp contrast with the tourquoise water… A real beauty! The area is protected by strong winds but, be aware: swimming can be difficult due to waves.

Hope this article will help you to have a relaxing day in this unusual spot on Fuerteventura!

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