Oman is becoming the new destination in the Middle East for indie travellers that want to go and explore by themselves.

This country is one of the most versatile travel destinations out there, it has something to offer for every kind of traveller. You’ll not only see modern mosques and infinite golden dunes but also stunning wadis, canyons, quiet beaches and mud-brick villages.

Also with being one of the most liberal and peaceful country in all of the Middle East, it’s not hard to understand why Oman is now in the spotlight.

We’re going to share with you the things you should know before visiting Oman.


Much like the rest of the Arabian peninsula, Oman is a dry and hot country. So try to avoid visiting from April to October (temperatures can climb over 40°C). The best time to visit Oman is from November to March, the weather is warm and sunny during the day and slightly chilly at night. Of course, this is the high season there so prices are higher and places are busier.


Oman offers an eVisa to citizens of many countries (including most nations of EU, US and Canada). The Visa is easy to get and it costs 20 OMR (around 50 euro) for 30 days of stay. You can apply for it here.


Unfortunately, Oman is completely underdeveloped in terms of public transports. We highly recommend renting a car and discovering the country by road. Hiring a guide or joining a tour can be very expensive, but renting a car is a lot more affordable. And moreover, petrol is very cheap and there are no tolls! The roads in Oman are in great condition and it’s very safe and easy to drive around on your own there.

4X4 or not 4X4?

Before going to Oman all the blogs that we have read stated that we would have needed a 4X4 for driving around Oman. In the end we decided to rent a standard car and it went well. Consider that if you are going to spend a night in the desert, usually, the accomodation price includes the trasport to the hotel as well so, problem solved! So, if you are on a tight budget, there´s no need to spend the extra money on a 4X4.


This is on top of our FAQ about Oman. And yes! Oman is a very safe country. It is highly friendly and warm toward tourists and the crime rate is fairly low, so there isn’t too much to worry about.


Remember that in Oman the weekend is Friday/Saturday and Friday is the Muslim holy day. So, remember to check opening times and expect larger crowds at tourist sights on the weekend.


Oman’s food have Arab, Persian, South Asian and East African influences. Moroever, you’ll find everywhere Indian, Pakistani and Turkish restaurants in Oman and these worked great for us!


Oman’s main language is Arabic, but many locals speak English too as it’s the unofficial second language of the country. So don’t worry, we didn’t have any problem!


The currency in Oman is the Omani Rial (OMR). You don’t need to carry huge amounts of cash with you; credit cards are accepted almost everywhere and you’ll find ATMs in every corner (at the airport, hotels, banks..)


You don’t need to cover your shoulders and knees at all times in Oman. If you plan to visit mosques you need to wear clothes that cover your whole body (including ankles and wrists) and a headscarf (if you’re a woman). Everywhere else you can technically wear whatever you want.


Wanna use your phone during your trip? At the airport you can easily buy a SIM card. Omantel is the best provider in the country and they offer a “Tourist Pack”for few euros. If you do not want to buy a SIM card, the good news is that Wifi in Omani hotels is generally very fast. You can use it to download offline maps so that you can use them on the road.